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Free educational resources

At Keepsake Tales, we’re deeply committed to helping your child become a great reader, have great social and emotional skills, and to celebrating what makes them one-of-a-kind.

So, we’ve created absolutely free educational curriculum to help educators teach their children important lessons with the help of the Keepsake Tales platform. Our curriculum teaches concepts like Social Emotional Learning, Reading Comprehension, and Geography. Follow the simple steps to help the children in your classroom grow with Keepsake Tales.


Enter your email

Click the "SIGN UP NOW" button to enter your email address. We will email you NINETEEN printable PDFs with curriculum that corresponds to our stories: The Bear Hug and The Legend of the Starfish completely for free.


Build your character

Next, it’s time to build your character on our website. To do so, simply go to our home page, and click “Get Started”. You’ll be guided through the process to create a character. We recommend doing this once yourself, and then guiding your class through the character creation process.


Explore our library

After your character has been created, you will be directed to the Keepsake Tales library. Click into the story that you’d like to use and scroll down the page until you see the book preview section. From here, you can read the story online for free!


Use your printed resources

Use the resources that you printed in Step #1 to help your classroom engage with the stories in a deeper way!


Follow up

Please follow up with to let us know what you think of the content we’ve created! Share what you LOVED, and where you think we can improve. Click here to share your feedback.

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